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The truth about my weight loss – I’m taking weight loss pills

Man I’m relieved. I can actually talk about it now. I was keeping this a secret because I hadn’t told my husband but on Thursday I plucked up the courage to tell him and now I feel better and I can tell you guys. I think not being able to write about it (when right Read More →

Still feeling ill but just did a Bums Tums and Thighs class at @NuffieldHealth #mentalhealth #pbloggers

I’m just back from doing a Bums Tums and Thighs class at Nuffield Health Centre, got home and burst into floods of tears on the sofa. In fact I barely even waiting until I’d left the class. Just want to clarify, Nuffield has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with why I’m feeling upset. I’ll start from Read More →

Still feeling rotten!!!

Well this has been a productive week. NOT!!! I’m back in bed after going to work this morning but felt so rotten I decided to go home again (and the sentiment was echoed by others in the office – clearly not wanting to catch what I have before they all head off to the US Read More →

My First Visit to @NuffieldHealth

I’m sitting in the cafe area of Nuffield Health. I had a meeting at 6pm with the manager here to fill in some forms and talk generally about the health centre and about what I am hoping to achieve. Once I’d filled in the forms and she had shown me around the place, I changed into Read More →