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Update on working and Mental Health status

Work So, I left my previous job on 16th September (2 weeks ago tomorrow). The last couple of weeks have been spent doing school drop off’s and pickups, searching for jobs and getting a few things done around the house. I went for an interview Monday last week and I was supposed to find out Read More →

Day of my appointment #pbloggers #mentalhealth

Its the big day. I have my appointment at 2pm. I’m going over to Daisy’s house in a minute to talk about things before we head to the place. I’m nervous. I don’t want to go, even though I know I need to. I’m nervous. I want it to end up in a useful result Read More →

Yesterday was not a good day #MHMonday #Mentalhealth

[Written on Friday] Yesterday was not a good day. I recorded a vlog about it this afternoon on my way to meet hubby for lunch. I just felt like I needed to get it out but I was not going to have time to write it. Here is a very brief summary (I’m writing from Read More →

Mental Health Chat #MHMonday #pbloggers #mentalhealth

OK, this has been a bit spur of the moment – and yet I have already set up an email account and Twitter account for this venture.  Anyway, I was thinking about mental health issues after spending some of yesterday crying in the loo at work, and I remembered how great it was to talk Read More →

Mental Health Monday – Needed a boost #mhmonday

I am feeling a little bit weepy and tired. And as you can tell from my last post, I have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Watching TV just wasn’t doing it for me. My brain wasn’t in the right place to study (it will have to be tomorrow night after Weight watchers) and I Read More →

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