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Latitude Festival

Well, I had completely forgotten how Latitude Festival has very little phone signal and NO 3 or 4G. So I wasn’t able to blog as I went along. Not that I really had time to do that anyway. I had a really lovely time. We all did. By the drive home I really felt like Read More →

Latitude Festival – Getting excited! #latitude

I’m starting to get excited now. The other day I wrote about feeling anxious about it. But the closer I get the more excited I’m feeling. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to pack this weekend. I don’t have the kids so I’m going to spend Saturday afternoon packing and getting ready. Making a Read More →

Feeling apprehensive #latitude #anniversary

I’m feeling a little apprehensive. Partly because with Latitude Festival coming up next Thursday, I have been thinking about that, and the logistics, and the costs… But while I’m thinking about all that stuff, I’m also thinking about last year and how everything was different. Logistically, the only difference will be that I’ll be in Read More →

On our way to #latitude @LatitudeFest

We are on our way. We are all in the car. Trying to make our way through Farnborough. We forgot about the air show which means that the main roads are closed. But hey we are on our way. Listening to the Lightening Seeds, pharmacy or as Lala called them: the sun flowers!

Afternoon vlog #pbloggers #vlog

Just a little vlog that I did this afternoon – on packing and preparing for Latitude & Turkey.