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My kids bedtime suitcases

After posting about this on twitter it occurred to me that it would be just silly of me to miss out on writing a blog post about this…. I should do more of this anyway. Post about the silly things my kids do or say. So anyway. I went in to check on the kids Read More →

Pocket Money – Getting your kids earning their pocket money through chores

OK, the title of this post is misleading. I’m not going to teach you anything about what to do with your kids. It just sounded like a good post title. Joshua’s behaviour lately has been rather bad. Winding his sister up, bickering, refusing to do as he’s asked, not listening when you’re talking to him, Read More →

How do you explain death to a nearly 5 year old?

This morning as I was about to leave for work, I opened the door to see a dead badger blocking my route off the driveway. It was on the pavement in the middle of the entrance to our driveway. I called for Ben, but Joshua wanted to come too and was very curious to see Read More →


Joshua my little man. He was born in the evening in late October. I have posted his birth story separately. It was a bit of a traumatic experience – but if anyone is reading who is pregnant – don’t get apprehensive. My second birth was much MUCH better – you can read about that in Read More →


My little girl. My baby. Here are some nuggets of information about my little angel: She is 2 and a half years old She has her own vocabularly which I don’t discourage because its too cute: Her word for “drink” is “grink” Milk is “ulk” Tummy is “pumpum” She won’t let me put her hair Read More →

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