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Feeling guilty

I feel a bit guilty. Have been reading Manic Mum’s blog and absolutely loving it. But to me it is an enjoyable read. A distraction. She is a really funny writer. I know that I have yet to get to the very sad event in her life and I suppose for me it hasn’t really Read More →


You know how you often get a musical or very very silly episode in many American TV shows (usually in about series 7 – thinking of Buffy, House, Angel, that kind of thing).  Well, I’m yet again not amazingly busy and daydreaming about this house that we may or may not buy (depends on if Read More →

Working guilt

I tell you what else I was thinking about….. I was wondering, while lying in bed neglecting my kids (ie letting my husband look after them – not saying that he would say I was neglecting them but that’s how your brain works sometimes as a mum – guilt-centric), will my kids grow up and Read More →

On a low

I was thinking about this while I was lying in bed too tired to move. Everything has to be perfect or I just won’t bother. And nothing will ever be perfect so why even start anything. The thing is when I’m good I’m really good. I can be so productive and busy and organised that Read More →

Why I think I could be manic-depressive

OK. Take recently. I started new job. BEen pretty manic since I started. Not really had a choice. However, physician even after the busy-ness started to die off (is generally a quiet period) I kept myself busy organising my personal files, sickness organising my evernote system (complete re-organisation from scratch – of about 20,000 notes Read More →