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Good enough

I started writing a post a couple of months ago that I never finished. It was called “Making a better me”. I think you can guess why I never finished it. Because I’m still stuck with the same old me as before. I go through phases. Usually when I’m bored at work or bored in Read More →

Feeling hurt

Costi Economici E Nessuna Prescrizione Richiesta. Rivenditore Di Farmaci Online. Spedizione Acquisto Veloce. Devi Trovare Una Farmacia Gratuita A Messina Dalla Tua Propriet√† Proprio Qui [URRLL] Molto Facilmente! Non √® Necessario Avere Una Prescrizione Per Ottenere Le Pillole. Riservatezza Totale Sono Positivo.I’m feeling hurt. Someone recently removed me off Facebook. Someone who I considered a Read More →

Post Christmas Blues

I’m feeling a little lost. Hubby is worried about new house and the feasibility of it – bad internet, no mains gas or sewerage…. I think I am suffering from post christmas blues (as opposed to the pre-christmas stress that I also suffered from – as I do every year). I just feel like the Read More →

Feeling on edge

I’m feeling a little on edge. Its 4.40pm and I am leaving at 5pm and I can’t be bothered to start anything new. I had a chat with my mum earlier and it turns out my sister is going to be on her own this Christmas so I have invited her over to ours if Read More →

No title as I’m being harrassed to come down so hubby can do brewing

I LOVE how my new blog looks. I might just give up writing posts in favour of staring at the pretty pink and black format all day!!! Its Saturday morning and I’ve been up with the kids since about 8. They woke up earlier but we’ve managed to get them in the habit of chilling Read More →

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