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Holiday Journal – Day 08 – Wednesday 29th May

Well, we’ve been here for a week. My dad is in bed having had (I think) some of our gin. I won’t say much as my parents may read this and I don’t want to upset anyone but he shouldn’t drink but I guess it all became a bit much for him. The temptation as Read More →

Holiday Journal – Day 5 – Sunday 26th May

3.21pm My parents arrived yesterday afternoon and we’ve been showing them around a bit. Yesterday evening we went to a local restaurant and had “pide [pronounced pee-deh] pizza” which is like a pizza on a flatbread/pitta bread base, and salad and meat kebabs and some other things. Lamajun (probably spelled it wrong) which is again Read More →

Holiday journal day 1 (Wednesday 22nd May)

4.12pm – am on the plane listening to music on my iPhone. Lala is say next to me watching Toy Story 2 on the iPad using her new fab pink headphones witch have gone Down a treat I have to say. Joshua has some blue ones the sameĀ  I know we’re not there yet but Read More →