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Prose for thought #Prose4T – Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain

Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain 9th January 2001 Sitting on my own Thoughts rolling through my mind Looking for a peace That I never seem to find I wish I was a wave That was crashing on the beach I wish I was the light  That is just beyond my reach I wish I Read More →

Prose for Thought

Well, I was thinking of putting another of my poems up and the lovely Victoria from Verily, Victoria Vocalises suggested that I join in on her Prose for Thought Linky – here is this week’s Prose for Thought blog post. I am doing this almost by accident as I only just remembered and luckily this Read More →

Old poetry – part 1

I have been tidying my office a bit in the last few days and this evening, my eyes were drawn to my book of poetry that I wrote when i was in my early 20’s (nearly 15 years ago – god, I feel old now). I thought it might be interesting to publish them here Read More →

Blast from the past post – Old "Getting Back Abi" List

Am going through old files as I’m reorganising my Evernote account. And I came across this list I wrote myself in July 2011. See my comments in red. Thought it was worth a giggle. Diary-2011-07-17-Getting Back Abi List This is a list of things that I want to achieve (or start achieving) in the next Read More →

Joshua’s Birth Story

I am currently working on a post to follow on from this one I wrote about my husband which was intended to be a series of blog posts to introduce my family. I’ve also been thinking about another series of posts about my past. Will just use a label on the blog that people can Read More →