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Glastonbury – Day 4 (Saturday)

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Glastonbury – Day 3 (Friday)

I’m sitting some way back from the Pyramid stage waiting to see Portishead. Have seen a few bands. The Lumineers have been the highlight so far. They were brilliant. Two of them went into the crowd and played a couple of songs from there. I’m feeling a little bit guilty and missing the kids but Read More →

Glastonbury – Day 2 (Thursday evening)

Walked about 10, tadalafil 000 miles. Drank a hell of a lot of vodka & redbull, salve had really shitty stomach cramps. I ate: bugger all (about to have potatoes in the fire) I drank: vodka & redbull (a lot) I saw: random French metal/rap disco at Shangrila, bloke with skeleton face paint, I met: Read More →

Glastonbury – Day 2 (Thursday daytime)

It’s nearly 8pm. We’ve been wandering around the festival. Met up with some people. Got a bit muddy and had a lovely time with the Camp Triangle folks. I ate: breakfast (bacon, sausages, egg, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms); chicken curry, spicy potato wedges, I drank: tea, gin & tonic x2, strawberry cider, latte, margheritas at Read More →

Glastonbury – Day 1 (Wednesday)

Ok, technically it’s now day 2. It’s 10.55 and we lay in until about 9am. Feeling a bit tired bit chilled. Hubby is making barbecued breakfast – sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, bacon is being done in the caravan. All is good with the world. I have a nice cup of tea. I arrived on site Read More →