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Post Glastonbury Blues #glasto2013 #pbloggers

Well, this is my 2nd day back at work. I’ve been listening to Mumford & Sons and Of Monster’s And Men on my way into work each day and thinking back to being in that field. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to be home with my kids but real life is definitely a bit Read More →

Glastonbury – People I met #glasto2013 #glastonbury #pbloggers @oliversmadhouse #magicmoments

While I was at Glastonbury I met so many interesting people, some that I met for the first time at Glastonbury this year. Some that I originally met at a festival, but have seen again at this one, and some people that I’ve never met before in my life and probably will never meet again Read More →

Glastonbury It’s over #glasto2013 #glastonbury #pbloggers

It’s over. I’m back home. Back with my children. Back in my bed. Clean again as I had a shower. Back to my normal grumpy self (been sniping all day at Ben). Am just glad I have a couple of days home before I go back to work again. A couple of days to show Read More →

Glastonbury – Heading Home #glasto2013 #pbloggers

We’re sat in the queue to leave the site. Have had a fantastic time. Am looking forward to getting home: to seeing the kids, to having a bath, to my own bed… We are going to stop for breakfast somewhere. If we ever get off the site. We’ve been sat in the queue for over Read More →

Glastonbury – Day 5 (Sunday)

I ate: fry up (sausages, try bacon, pills fried eggs, there toast & mushrooms), bbq garlic mushrooms, chicken satay & rice (from Good Thai Dins), late night pasta at campsite I drank: tea, vodka & redbull, fresh apple juice, tea, vodka & redbull, red wine, I saw: Stone Dragon, underground piano bar (was closed), Green Read More →

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