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Family day out!

I haven’t blogged much about family days out lately but have been quite busy doing other things, as you may have noticed!!! But today was all about the kids and us as a family. First of all I took Joshua to a friend from nursery’s birthday party. Then we went out to a pub in Read More →


Joshua my little man. He was born in the evening in late October. I have posted his birth story separately. It was a bit of a traumatic experience – but if anyone is reading who is pregnant – don’t get apprehensive. My second birth was much MUCH better – you can read about that in Read More →

Holiday soon!

Well, we are off on holiday in a couple of days. I really can’t wait. It feels like its been a long year since our last holiday (yes, I know, lucky to get to go abroad every year… blah de blah). But anyway. Its been a long time coming. It feels like we’ve had quite Read More →

Sticking with it

I currently have my head in my hands while typing this on my phone into Evernote. Sunday lunch has reduced me nearly to tears. It was all going quite well. We decided to have a barbecue because the weather was looking quite nice. But then just as the food was ready, it started to rain. Read More →


My little girl. My baby. Here are some nuggets of information about my little angel: She is 2 and a half years old She has her own vocabularly which I don’t discourage because its too cute: Her word for “drink” is “grink” Milk is “ulk” Tummy is “pumpum” She won’t let me put her hair Read More →