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I have been inspired to write this by a post I read over at Max & Mummy, which was actually a guest post by Emma at Handbags to Change Bags. It made me think about Joshua and Lala and how lovely they both are together. They do fight sometimes and their bickering drives me mad Read More →

How do you explain death to a nearly 5 year old?

This morning as I was about to leave for work, I opened the door to see a dead badger blocking my route off the driveway. It was on the pavement in the middle of the entrance to our driveway. I called for Ben, but Joshua wanted to come too and was very curious to see Read More →

Anniversary Dinner

So, it was our anniversary this week. We were supposed to be going out to the cinema last night. And, even though we were only going the cinema, I got dressed up as its not every day you celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary. Funnily, as I got into the car I said to him “am Read More →

14th Wedding Anniversary

So, I wrote this post about my husband ages ago. Today is our 14th Wedding anniversary and I’m writing this having had a bottle of bubbly and two¬† bottles of red wine – shared with our au pair I have to say – just so you know its not all be drunk between the two Read More →

Weekend fun

Some random stuff we’ve been doing this weekend: Making Hello Kitty out of Plasticine: And then another one when that one got squashed! Sorting out reward charts for the kids to try to sort out their bedtime issues and Lala’s toilet issues: And I got some little toys and lollies which are going to be Read More →

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