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Detox Day 4 – I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat!

10.00 ish – I am such a moron. I have been convinced that I was pregnant. I looked so bloated and couldn’t see that the bulge that is my tummy could be just fat. I was sure somehow my pill had not worked and I’d got pregnant. Like I said in a previous post, a tiny Read More →

Detox Diet Day 3 – new clothes, housework related hissyfit (another one) & new laptop coming tomorrow!

Eaten & drunk Breakfast– Muesli with goats milk Morning snack– Nuts & raisins Lunch– lentils– stirfried veggies– coleslaw Afternoon snacks– Apple – eat at 2pm*– 2 oatcakes – at 2.30pm– Banana – 3pm– Nuts & raisins (2nd batch) 3.30pm – 2 more oatcakes – 4pm– plum thing / grapes – 4.30pm– the last 2 oatcakes Read More →

Detox Diet – Day 2 (aka headache central and pregnant looking stomach)

This is what I’ve eaten & drunk today Breakfast:    •    MuesliSnacks:    •    Grapes    •    Banana    •    Nuts    •    OatcakesLunch:    •    Stirfried Vegetables    •    Lentil thingy    •    ColeslawDinner:    •    Sprouts with cashew nuts stirfried    •    Boiled new potatoes    •    RiceDrinks:    •    3 cups of weak Earl Grey (not finished any of them) during day    •    Another Read More →

Detox Day 1 (of 28)

OK, so yesterday was lovely. Hubby and I went to Franky & Benny’s for lunch after dropping the kids round my parents house and then we went to the cinema to watch the Hobbit. I loved it. Was really good. When we got back we both felt quite tired so had tea and then shared Read More →

New Year Resolution – intro

Really quick one as we are going out in a minute. Once I’ve checked my work emails. The kids are with the Grandparents and I have on my new clothes. Mostly fitted me (ordered from La Redoute).  Will have to send back a bra and possibly a dress but its just around the hips it Read More →