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Good enough & Can I go back now? #britmumslive #goodenoughmums

Arrrgggggghhhhhh Please help me. I want to be back at Britmums. I’m at home with my beautiful lovely children and I just want them to leave them alone and play on their own. They were just now running around making each other laugh and it was cute and funny. Until it was annoying and then Read More →

Britmums Live…. Is it really over? #britmumslive

I’m finding it a bit hard to cope today. I went to Starbucks this morning with my daughter. I had an urge to give my blog business card to the guys that served me in Starbucks but I didn’t as I thought I’d probably get a funny look. I don’t understand why (as Mummy Barrow Read More →

Britmums Live Friday – My reflections before heading to the venue #britmumslive

Friday 6:30 I’m here at the Travelodge City Road. It’s 6.30am and I’m lying here listening to the traffic on the road below. Last night was really nice. The train journey down was fine. I drank frozen Margueritas and made myself a wire and flowers tiara! I was nervous about getting through the barrier at Read More →

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