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Feeling pretty disheartened after #Britmumslive #bml16

reposting this as it got lost in the migration to new hosting. Will try to upload photos again soon I’m back from BritMums live. I remember in previous years I would have a post-BritMums Live downer. But that was because I’d had a fabulous time, had come back with some pretty cool goodies and come Read More →

What I’m wearing for #britmumslive

Just a quick one as it’s taken me ages to do my nails and I still need to finish packing. Here is what I’m wearing tomorrow. I’m going for full-glam: This is what I’ll be wearing on the Saturday. I love this dress and the boots are very comfy. I have flip flops on standby Read More →

I’m Going to BritMums Live 2015 – Mum in a Hurry #britmumslive

I can’t believe how quickly May has come around and its only 6 weeks and 2 days until Brit Mums Live 2015! I honestly cannot wait. Last year’s was amazing! So here is my info: Name Abi Blog Mum in a Hurry Twitter ID mum_in_a_hurry Height 5 foot 8 Hair kind of light brown with Read More →

My Highlights from Britmums Live 2014 #britmumslive #pbloggers

So, yesterday I had to escape the office to go and sit in a pub garden with a glass of wine so that I could try to make myself feel less blue about Britmums Live being over for another year. While I was in the pub garden drinking my glass of wine, I decided to Read More →

Drink at lunchtime #britmumslive #pbloggers

I’m sat in a pub at lunchtime. I decided that being cooped up in the office this lunch wasn’t an option. I also decided that while the idea of just going for a walk and finding somewhere to eat my lunch was nice, I needed something a little more obvious and instant. So I headed Read More →

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