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Ideas for blog posts

I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of blog I have or what kind I want to have. I have noticed that some people have particular themes on particular days. Like Silent Sunday (find link), or Flashback Friday (a blog post where the author gives us a glimse into her past). Do I want Read More →

Blogging Mastermind Group

Right, very quick one as I want to go to bed. Heavy weekend its been. Anyway, so I was reading one of my favourite blogs – Blogging With Amy – which is an invaluable source of information if, like me, you are new to blogging or you just want some tips along the way. And Read More →

Template irritation

Am fed up. And grumpy. Girl is poorly and that’s not good. Worried about her. She’s in bed now and this blog template has been bugging me. I’m one of these people who has to have something perfect or they won’t bother. I need to find the perfect blogger template. I’ve seen a few that Read More →

I have come out

After weeks of worrying about keeping this blog secret from people who know me, I decided to sod it. And told my close friends on Facebook about the blog (and the facebook page for the blog). Tired of worrying about what people will think about my ramblings. If people who don’t know me at all Read More →

Google related confusions

I just wasted about 45 minutes trying to work out what do do about my Blogger vs Google account. I set up the Mum in a Hurry blog via my own personal gmail account. However, I wanted to stay anonymous to all but my very good friends and I realised when I looked into connecting Read More →