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Me laid bare

I write this blog because I enjoy it. I do not ask to be judged or critisized. Nor am I begging for approval (although who would turn it down, really?). But this is my blog. This is me. Here are some facts about me: I’m shit at keeping the house tidy I am a bit Read More →

Deleted last post

As quite frankly I’m at the end of my tether as it is and don’t need a load of “anonymous” people telling me what a shit mother I am. I guess honestly isn’t always the best policy.

Successful lunch for 25 and my residual desire to be self-employed

So yesterday went well. I am still recovering. Yesterday was our annual Christmas Lunch with our friends. We started doing it a few years ago – I think it might have been after my first child, Joshua, was born. We had not been able to keep up with many of our friends socially as we Read More →

My husband

I thought I would start off a little blog series to introduce my family. I thought I had better start with the long-suffering husband. The man who said “I do” at the alter (I think he actually meant “I will” – “I will have lots of sex with you until I die” – I know Read More →

7 Things you didn’t know about me

OK, so suddenly have this idea for a blog post which I have shamelessly STOLEN from the lovely Tamsyn from “Anecdotes of a Manic mum” blog. Here is the blog post in question. I am currently totally addicted to her blog. I am a little bit anal about things – I hate coming to TV Read More →