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I am me

I saw this post first on My Little Rays of Sunshine’s post and I love lists and this seems like quite a nice idea so I’m stealing it. I am….. Abi I am also….. A Mummy A wife A blogger A fulltime employee A creative individual I am often…. Chatting to strangers Daydreaming On Facebook Read More →


Joshua my little man. He was born in the evening in late October. I have posted his birth story separately. It was a bit of a traumatic experience – but if anyone is reading who is pregnant – don’t get apprehensive. My second birth was much MUCH better – you can read about that in Read More →


My little girl. My baby. Here are some nuggets of information about my little angel: She is 2 and a half years old She has her own vocabularly which I don’t discourage because its too cute: Her word for “drink” is “grink” Milk is “ulk” Tummy is “pumpum” She won’t let me put her hair Read More →

10 things I really love

Hot baths Hot chocolate Lie ins Pretty shiny gadgets Guerlain chocolates TV Sylvanian families figures (cough, store I mean I love to give them to my daughter) Red wine Snuggling in bed Pizza ps: that I love my kids is a given. This is a list of random stuff

10 things I can’t stand

Cold tea Luke warm baths Leeks Being cold (are you noticing a theme) Wet weather People who have their fog lights on when its just a bit misty and its REALLY not necessary to have them on. Husband leaving beard shavings in the sink People that are judgemental of other people One rule for us, Read More →

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