4 days until I move!

Time is going by so quickly. This time next week I will be in my new house. I can’t wait! This is the next stage of my life. I really feel that things will change once I’m there and settled. For one, I intend to try to start coming off my medication. I know this Read More →

Exchanged on the house. Also missing my kids

We’ve finally exchanged on the house (yesterday) and I’m so happy and relieved. We have a completion date of the 31st July which is a week Monday. I’m trying to get busy packing. I’ve had a few offers of help from very lovely friends which is a god-send because I can’t see me accomplishing this Read More →

3 Ways that mediation can help resolve family disputes

This is a collaborative post Mediators are often trained lawyers or attorneys who have experience dealing with a variety of disputes that pertain to families. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution, is a way that both parties can communicate with one another and try to come to an agreement on a solution to the problem that Read More →

Let it go…. as Elsa would say!

I’ve been feeling super-stressed and anxious lately. It’s mainly the house thing. I am so impatient to know when I’ll be moving and everything (solicitors, estate agents) seems to be so slow – it’s like they have no urgency about getting things done! So last night I called a friend/client who does healing and angel Read More →

iHealth Wave Watch Review

I was recently (OK, not that recently – as you can tell I’m a bit rubbish at getting review posts out on time!!!) sent this very snazzy-looking sports watch to review by iHealth. I tried this product out for a period of about a week and really enjoyed using it. It’s really easy to set Read More →