4 ways that you can help before its too late

This is a collaborative post Supposing you are facing the challenge of how to lend a helping hand to a loved one suffering from drug addiction, bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how much you adore them you can’t ‘set them right.’ You can, nonetheless, elect not to encourage their addiction. Often, when addicts Read More →

5 Things you need to begin your parkour career

This is a collaborative post Have you ever seen those people who do crazy, death-defying stunts? If you have, that is what you call parkour or freerunning. A lot of men and women are drawn to this sport because it looks captivating. You get to see people on TV jump from buildings and vault over Read More →

A shitty week and a youtube video

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to do more video content as sometimes I find it a bit cumbersome to try to write everything that is on my mind. I made one a couple of weeks ago which was kind of a review of my new planner. Here it is below: There is something Read More →

5 Tips to moving to Brisbane, Australia as a student

One of the best experiences that a person can have while in college is to study abroad in a country that they have never been before. The opportunity to learn a new culture while studying subject matter that is of great interest to you is a privilege and one that should not be overlooked as Read More →

No heating or hot water for 5 days

So my boiler died on Thursday. My dad came over to have a look and I ended signing up for a contract with Southern Electric. While on the phone to them I mentioned that I had been smelling gas in my kitchen, around my cooker and they sent someone out the same day – they Read More →