Favourite Bloggers

Here are my favourite bloggers that I love to follow and why:

Manic Mum

In her incredibly moving blog, Tamsyn writes letters to her husband who is in a care home after sustaining a brain injury and undergoing 2 life saving operations. Here is her intro:

I now find myself a ‘single mum’ with 4 kids (aged 4 to 8), after my husband suffered a head injury 16 months ago now. My life went from the blogs you can read before Oct 4th 2011 to now. After 2 life saving brain operations, 3 1/2 months in ICU, he is now in neuro-reeducation. His recovery will take years, and one thing that will not come back is his sight. Life changed in a split second. My life is now being determined and positive and keeping hope that he will one day, be Alex again…With 4 young kids, I can be no other way…Life is precious…

Crazy with Twins

This incredibly strong mum of 3 (including twins as you can tell by the title of her blog) has recently been diagnosed with cancer and writes about her feelings and experiences of that, her family life, blogging…. (PS, I don’t think she’s that crazy at all!)


Like me, a new blogger. This lovely lady has had a bit of a hard time lately and has found it hard to find the time (inspiration?) to blog, but when she does I love her style. Check her out and give her lots of encouragement.

Just a Normal Mummy

This incredibly funny writer has me in fits with every post. You have to check her out. PS beware, there is swearing. And gin. Lots of gin! 🙂

Gin & Cornflakes

Another new blogger, like myself. I love this lady’s style of writing. She is honest, witty and intelligent and also keen to help other bloggers along their way. Oh and, like me, she loves a good spreadsheet – which means she can’t be bad! haha

More to come.

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