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Shaping my life how I want it

I’ve been looking backwards too much (hence my poem Ode to Self) and being bogged down with doubts about what I’m capable of. I just went out for a walk as its so sunny and lovely out there. And it occurred to me that this is how I want my life to be. I want Read More →

Overwhelm & Self Doubt #writer

I’ve not had a very productive day. I’ve maybe spent 45 minutes on my course out of a planned 2 hours. I did finish an assignment and send it off, and started working on this week’s assignment – I have a good idea of what I’m doing for this one. I met a friend for Read More →

A new year – feeling hopeful

I’m lying in bed (in my pajamas this time) thinking about the New Year.  It is scary the path I’m embarking on but what I feel more than anything is hopeful. This year feels full of promise. Not because it is a new year but because of the decisions I’ve made about my life. The Read More →

I am a Writer & it’s time I started acting like it @jeffgoins #youareawriter

I was let go from my job on Monday of the week just gone. I wasn’t entirely expecting it but I wasn’t entirely NOT expecting it either. I was taken into the conference room as soon as I arrived into work (my first day back after 2 weeks off sick due to stress and depression Read More →