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5 Tips to finding the right attorney for your needs

This is a collaborative post Whether you like it or not there will be a time when you will be requiring the services of a lawyer. In our society where we are governed by a set of laws, it is only through the help of expert lawyers that we can protect ourselves legally and know Read More →

3 Ways that mediation can help resolve family disputes

This is a collaborative post Mediators are often trained lawyers or attorneys who have experience dealing with a variety of disputes that pertain to families. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution, is a way that both parties can communicate with one another and try to come to an agreement on a solution to the problem that Read More →

iHealth Wave Watch Review

I was recently (OK, not that recently – as you can tell I’m a bit rubbish at getting review posts out on time!!!) sent this very snazzy-looking sports watch to review by iHealth. I tried this product out for a period of about a week and really enjoyed using it. It’s really easy to set Read More →

Rooster Money Pocket Money App Review

For the last couple of months I have been using a new free app called Rooster Money for managing my kids pocket money. The reason I wanted an app to do this is because when I was doing this manually (putting some money into a jar every week) I would forget sometimes and so I Read More →

Shout Out to Monkey Wellbeing!

Ages and ages ago I met a very nice lady called Helen at Brit Mums (blogging conference). She was telling me all about her business which is Monkey Wellbeing – a business that came about after she struggled to find story books that would explain to her 18 month old daughter about the experience of Read More →