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Why I’m giving up Weight Watchers

Well, apart from the obvious reason which is that I’m paying for it but not doing it, there are other reasons too. I should probably start by saying that there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers. I have done it many times and lost weight in the process. However, I’ve also done it many other Read More →

I want to be a girlie girl

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved all things make-up and beauty. I still do. Just get lost in the cosmetics department of House of Fraser. I just went in there to buy a mascara and ended up buying a mascara, a cream and an eyeshadow. To be fair I needed all Read More →

Weight Watchers Update – I’ve lost 26.5lbs #weightwatchers

So on Tuesday I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and I lost a fabulous 4.5 pounds (over two weeks as I couldn’t go the week before due to having the kids). I’ve lost a total of 26.5 pounds, which is 1 stone, 12.5lbs or 12.02 Kilos if you work in those. I’ve been doing Read More →

Self Acceptance

Last night I saw a video on Facebook where a lady took off all her clothes down to her underwear, blindfolded herself and then stood in the middle of a busy street with a sign that said something about body issues and that all bodies were valuable and if you agree you should take one Read More →

Oestrogen deficiency could be why I’m depressed! #depression #OestrogenDeficiency #pbloggers

So I got sent home today. They said I looked ill still and I should go home and get some rest. I have actually had a couple of days off already. I told work I had a tummy bug because I just don’t think they would be supportive or understanding of mental health issues. So Read More →

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