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Fantastic holiday so far & turning 40

I’m lying in bed in our hotel in Rhodes.  I decided to have a siesta as the 2 cocktails I had earlier had gone right to my head.  We had a fab night last night. There was karaoke on in the hotel and, what with it being a hotel with holiday-makers, and not a crowded Read More →

Things to look forward to

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future. Not the future where I end up in love and in a happy relationship. The future where I make the things that I want happen. The future where I live life how I want it.  I’m looking forward to developing my new business as a virtual assistant. Read More →

Managing my finances – how I do it

I have always had a finances spreadsheet, as far back as I can remember, but since being on my own I have paid much closer attention to my finances – even more so now that I have left behind a £32k job to work as a care assistant on alternate weeks and to try (no, Read More →

Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day

A bit late I know!!! A bit of advice for any single girls out there (bit late I know as, at time of writing, it is nearly 9pm). This is a little something that I put together with the folks from Adore Me. I provided the advice and they put together the image. You can view Read More →

Not feeling it on New Year’s Eve

I’m sat here in my underwear trying to get ready to go out with friends on New Year’s Eve and I just don’t feel up to it. A week ago I felt like my luck had changed. I had met someone nice who turned out to not like me enough back. I feel fat and Read More →

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