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Good days and bad days with kids

So, yesterday was a good day, I thought. My parents came over and fitted the new shelving unit that my dad had built for me and my mum helped me tidy up the flat a bit. Then we went to the toy shop as they both had about £3 each and I told them they Read More →

A weekend without tablets

Thought I’d do a little update of how I went with the no-tablet weekend. Friday evening I said the kids could have a “sleep over” in their room. The reason for this was that Joshua had been feeling a bit lonely as Alara has been sleeping in my bed most nights. So I persuaded Alara Read More →

I’m going device-free this weekend (or rather the kids are)

  I got the kids back today and before I went to pick them up from school, I was thinking about how reliant I have become on their tablets for me to get a bit of extra time in bed or a bit of quiet time in the afternoon. I think they have also become Read More →

A week off with the kids & update on flea infestation

Today is day 3 of my week off with the kids. I had some holiday left for this year and figured it would be nice to spend a week chilling and doing fun stuff with the kids. It’s been really good so far. On Monday I took them ice skating, which was a challenge, them Read More →


I promised myself I would write a post a day. So here I am. I’ve just got the kids into bed. I’m patting myself on the back as overall we had a pretty good day – including a visit to the park and watching a movie in the afternoon. I have got the kids to Read More →