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I got a puppy!!!!

So I have some news! And I can tell you now that I’ve told my parents (and introduced him). I have a puppy. About a week ago I saw an advert for a Malshi puppy (half maltese half shitzu) for about half the price of other adverts that I had seen and I was very Read More →

I’m definitely not super-mum, but I’m doing my best

Lately, I have felt a little bit blocked when it comes to writing. I’ve worried that anything I say might be taken against me and used somehow to either just generally judge me, or worse, by certain parties. But after a long chat with a friend of mine who also writes, I’ve decided that I Read More →

Telling Joshua he has autism

A couple of weeks ago, we had it confirmed that Joshua is definitely on the ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) spectrum. This was not unexpected, as we had suspected as much, but to have it confirmed was quite an emotional thing. He will never grow out of the little things that make him different, he won’t Read More →

Great weekend, first day back at care work & update on Joshua issue

First of all, what a brilliant weekend. I was a little uncertain how I was going to feel at my friend’s 40th Birthday & Murder Mystery party. But I needn’t have worried. After a very stressful week last week, worrying about Joshua and generally feeling extremely tired and stressed, I messaged my friend, the one Read More →

Problems at school leaving me tearing my hair out

OK I’m not literally tearing my hair out but I am very worried. Joshua has been getting into trouble at school. It’s always in the playground at break time and he swears he’s not the one starting it. I don’t know whether to believe him or not. We are in discussions with the school as Read More →

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