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Valentines Day – do I care?

So Valentines day is nearly upon us. I am definitely not feeling as down about it as I was last year. Last year, it was a bit of a washout. I was still living with my ex at that point in a pretty difficult situation. The separation was still very raw and it felt incredibly Read More →

Trying Tinder. Again

After reading this incredibly funny account of one girl’s plan to do 30 Tinder Dates in 30 Days, I have decided to give Tinder another proper shot. I have to say the idea of doing 30 dates in 30 days sounds absolutely exhausting and I will not be attempting anything like this. However, I do Read More →

Contemplating giving up on love and romance and some other things

I was out last night with friends in Guildford and I had hoped to bump into a guy who got chatting to me the weekend before. It didn’t happen though and while I looked around hoping to see someone who looked nice, all I saw were drunken idiots and “kids” in their twenties. I got Read More →

Putting yourself out there

When you like someone, or think you like them, what should you do? Do you go for it and put yourself out there, ie let them know that you like them – not necessarily by saying “I like you” or something but by asking them out for a drink, say? What have you got to Read More →

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