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Dating – this is why I regularly give up on the whole thing

I’ve been chatting to a guy this evening on Tinder and then we moved to WhatsApp (as Tinder is shit). It all seemed to be going well – we had loads in common and were talking about kids, what we like to do, work, etc – and then he asked for a full length photo Read More →

Dating disappointment – Pixie Hair Guy

In a previous post I wrote how I had met someone, who I shall henceforth call Pixie Hair Guy (I will elaborate more later on why I am calling him that). It all seemed to be going well. We chatted on Whatsapp for a couple of weeks. I was very excited after meeting him. This Read More →

Dating do’s and don’ts

So, I’d finally got my head in the right place and decided I wasn’t interested in trying to find someone. I had decided I didn’t have time or energy to do online dating and I was just going to focus on me – my future, my career as a writer, getting myself into the right Read More →

Sleeping in the middle of the bed

Ever since I moved, I have my pillow on the left side of the bed. The same as I used to. As if somehow I was expecting at some point some knight in shining armour to come and fill the other side, the other pillow. I’ve been waiting, hoping, going on dating apps, looking around Read More →

Will I let anyone love me

I’ve been thinking a lot today. Too much probably. I have a date on Thursday and (from chatting online and talking on the phone once last night) I really like this guy and I want it to go well. However, I keep messing up and saying things which I think could make him see me Read More →

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