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Roll on the menopause

I started a period yesterday. Sorry, I did say I like to overshare. The last few I’ve had have been quite light but this one isn’t. And today I’m feeling really really tired and really really fed up. I’ve been questioning my business and if its right for me, and whether I should go back Read More →

Go Henry Prepaid Card & Pocket Money App for Kids Review

I’m writing this because I’ve just started using Go Henry with my kids. I’ve not had any correspondence with Go Henry about writing this blog. I’ve not been paid for this post although if you sign up using my link, I’ll get £10 in my account when you activate your child’s account AND YOU WILL TOO! I Read More →

Why my house is a mess!

I’ve spent a lot of time (probably since the divorce) worrying about what people think of me. But I’m trying to move past that and I want this blog to go back to its roots – when I was open and honest about the things that bothered me and how I live my life. I Read More →

Life is good

Life has changed so much since I started this blog. It’s coming up to 6 years since I started this blog. I started out as a married busy full-time working mum (working in a software company in the project management department with an hour’s commute) with two small kids (roughly aged 2 and 4). Now Read More →

Hiking has given me a new lease of life #hiking

I’ve been on a bit of a high lately as I’ve found something that I really love doing – hiking. I already wrote a post about my 26 mile hike in July. I explained a little bit about how and why I started doing it. I wanted to talk a little more about HOW I Read More →