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Why my house is a mess!

I’ve spent a lot of time (probably since the divorce) worrying about what people think of me. But I’m trying to move past that and I want this blog to go back to its roots – when I was open and honest about the things that bothered me and how I live my life. I Read More →

Life is good

Life has changed so much since I started this blog. It’s coming up to 6 years since I started this blog. I started out as a married busy full-time working mum (working in a software company in the project management department with an hour’s commute) with two small kids (roughly aged 2 and 4). Now Read More →

Hiking has given me a new lease of life #hiking

I’ve been on a bit of a high lately as I’ve found something that I really love doing – hiking. I already wrote a post about my 26 mile hike in July. I explained a little bit about how and why I started doing it. I wanted to talk a little more about HOW I Read More →

Another year older and feeling a bit blah

I’m feeling a little blah today. This week has felt rather hard work. Too many ups and downs. Firstly, I had a meeting planned for Tuesday with a prospective client. But he cancelled last minute and told he he’d found someone else. Then it was my birthday yesterday and, as is often the case – Read More →

Guest post from Katie at Journey to Hope

Hi everyone, I am delighted to be able to guest blog today! I myself have had a very long and hard struggle with mental health. Starting with self harm and anorexia resulting in three inpatient admissions and then being diagnosed with bipolar disorder resulting in a further three admissions. I understand how hard and lonely Read More →