5 Things to Do When You Are in Ireland

When you say Ireland, what is the first thing that comes to mind? No other thing comes to mind than a vast expanse of the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of cliffs, mountains, and moors. That is the charm that Ireland can offer you and more. You say, what other things in Ireland may interest you? Read on to find out the things and wondrous places on this beautiful island that will surely catch your fancy.

  1.  Book a Dublin City bike tour.

Ireland is known for being rustic and laid back. But Ireland’s capital, which is Dublin, is buzzing with activities and great attractions such as the Dublin Castle, Guinness Brewery, and St.

Patrick’s Cathedral. What better way to explore Dublin’s secret nooks and crannies than being on two wheels. Book a bike tour of Dublin City with curious travelers as you are. The tour guide will enlighten you about Dublin’s rich history, literary and musical traditions, events and famous people who were vital to building the city’s charm. Explore and sample the city’s cafes and local craft shops.

  1.  Experience Dublin’s pub scene.

Another thing Ireland is world famous for is its pub scene. Apparently, it can be found in the heart of Ireland, Dublin City. When in Dublin, don’t miss the nightlife. Meet other travelers

who love the nightlife. There are five fantastic nightlife venues in the famous Temple Bar with live Irish dancing and live music venues.

  1.  Go on a self-drive tour around Ireland.

When one visits a breathtakingly majestic place such as Ireland, wouldn’t it be a nicer  xperience if you do it at your own pace? You can book self-drive tours which are customizable and can be fixed depending on your wants and needs. Check out this website: http://www.goirishtours.com of Go Irish Tours and revel in Ireland’s scenic beauty in all its glory with the freedom to explore at your own time. Go Irish Tours have different itineraries depending on the places of your interests such as the Cliffs of Moher.

  1.  Visit Dublin National Wax Museum.

If you want to meet and greet the famous personalities of Ireland, you may want to think about visiting the Dublin Wax Museum. It is also a great way to learn about the Irish cultural heritage through the lifelike wax work characters in the museum. Tourists young and old alike will be informed and entertained with the interactive experience the museum offers.

  1.  Tour one of Ireland’s oldest castle.

Looking for a taste of old Ireland? You can explore one of Ireland’s oldest castle. Wander around the exquisite private gardens and mysterious ancient chambers of the Malahide Castle. Let the tour guide enlighten you with the 12th-century castle’s Irish legend.

For someone who is looking for varied and fascinating places, visiting Ireland would be the perfect place to consider visiting on your next planned vacation. The vastness and the magnificence of the place will leave you breathless and keep you looking for more. You can always find interesting things to do in new places that you visit to familiarize yourself with the local culture and history. Ireland sure is rich in places to visit and attractions for tourists. Hopefully, you can add more to the list stated above and explore more places and try other activities while in Ireland.


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