Some new videos on YouTube

I’ve been doing a lot more video content recently as, while I do love writing, sometimes its much easier and quicker to get something off your chest using a video and I’ve found I really love Vlogging.

So, I already shared this one in a separate post, but I’ll share it again in case you didn’t see it or wanted to. I talked about a bad experience I had on Tinder.

Then on Sunday I talked about Mothers Day and how I was feeling about it all. Which is not great if I’m honest – it all turned out okay in the end but it was another not so good day for me:

And then yesterday I was probably feeling the lowest I’ve felt in a while:

Today, however, I’m feeling much better so I posted this:

Thank you for watching/reading.

If you want to follow me on YouTube, here is the link. But I also share these videos on my Facebook Page.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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