Update on Puppy

So I’ve had him now for 2 weeks and a day and its going really well.

He’s settling in really well. I had him for a week on my own and then the kids came home and they absolutely adore him. In fact, he’s adored everywhere we go. I think we’ve bonded really well.

The first night he slept in my bed with me as I wanted him to feel secure and comfortable, but he did a few little wees in my bed so the second night, and rest of the first week, I had him in a crate in my bedroom. But he was waking me up every couple of hours (when I would get up and take him to the garden) but after a few times I would give in through sheer exhaustion and have him in my bed. After a week of that I was ready to drop and after discussing it with a couple of doggy friends, I moved his crate downstairs and he is now in there from about 11pm/midnight until 7am and so far no accidents and he seems happy.

Potty training (or whatever the dog equivalent is called) is going well. I decided not to bother with puppy pads and have been taking him straight to the garden. He’s getting the hang of it although still having the odd accident, but I don’t tell him off – just keep praising him for peeing/pooing in the garden.

I’ve started training him on a few simple commands like sit (which he’s ALMOST got the hang of now) and down (which is quite hard as he’s such a small dog – its tricky getting him to go down even holding the treat as low as I can. I remember having the same issue with Toby (now my parents dog) when he was a puppy. I’ve been using frankfurter sausages cut up small to train him with and he loves them. I’ve done a bit of practice of walking on the lead and I think he’s getting the hang of that too!

I was worried before I got him that I was being too rash and impulsive, that my parents would tell me off for not waiting until the spring, when I said I was going to get one, but its all been smooth sailing and everyone loves him and I don’t regret getting him for a second.

Here are a few of my favourite photos:

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