Why I’m giving up Weight Watchers

Well, apart from the obvious reason which is that I’m paying for it but not doing it, there are other reasons too.

I should probably start by saying that there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers. I have done it many times and lost weight in the process. However, I’ve also done it many other times and NOT lost weight due to finding it hard to stay focussed on the tracking and weighing and measuring. Sadly, this is also one of those times.

One of the other issues I find is that I have a tendency to just go back to old habits when I’m NOT doing Weight Watchers. So in order to stay slim, do they expect me to just stay on Weight Watchers for the rest of my life? It’s just not feasible and besides even when you get to goal, if you want to continue tracking using their app and online tools, which you tend to get very reliant on, you have to continue paying an albeit cheaper subscription fee.

I have been reassessing somewhat over the past week and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am okay as I am. I would like to be slimmer but I am more concerned right now about being happy and content. Although having said that, I do want to focus on healthy eating and being more active.

We are looking after my parents dog, Toby, at the moment and today after school we went for an hour long (1.5mile) walk. Me and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Toby. While we were walking, me and Alara had a little chat. I asked my daughter, who occasionally mentions my tummy being a bit big, “Alara, what would you prefer, a slim mummy or a happy mummy” (I should add this wasn’t an accusatory question, it was of a more curious tone, just asking what she thinks. I think you can probably guess what her answer was – a happy mummy. We then went on to talk about trying to get outside more and heating healthier, cooked from scratch meals (to make all of us healthy and fit), but that shape doesn’t matter.

Kids see us as we are! Their mum or dad. The person that loves them the most. So why do we (I certainly do) give ourselves such a hard time for being a little overweight or not fitting into certain clothes. I know when I dress nice, I look good, even with a little bit of extra weight. I was lying in bed the other night thinking this over. I was thinking to myself, about how I hate being in photos when I’m overweight on holiday. But that the kids won’t think about whether I was thin or fat on that holiday, just that I was THERE.

I’ve actually done 10,000 steps today which is the first time in a while, thanks to little Toby. I’ve really enjoyed having him the last few days. I think getting a dog, while I know is a huge commitment, which by the way I’m ready for, will also help me be more active. The thing is when I ACTUALLY GET OUT THERE, I enjoy it, but getting out there is the main problem. But with a dog, you have to. And once you get out there, you think, well, I may as well go somewhere nice for a proper walk and run around for the dog. So my mind is made up on the dog front.

And also on the Weight Watchers front. Time to stop stressing but just focus on decent, healthy home-cooked food.

One Thought on “Why I’m giving up Weight Watchers

  1. Roy Denney on February 6, 2018 at 13:39 said:

    Hello I was sent on a “shape up” course at the local gym it was about food looking at the traffic signals on packaging……I was told to eat more…..lol ???

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