5 Things you need to begin your parkour career

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Have you ever seen those people who do crazy, death-defying stunts? If you have, that is what you call parkour or freerunning. A lot of men and women are drawn to this sport because it looks captivating. You get to see people on TV jump from buildings and vault over walls. A lot of action movies also incorporate this movement style, thus enticing more adrenaline junkies to try it for themselves. After all, parkour is fun. It is like treating the world as your playground.

If you are thinking of trying it out, here are five things you need to begin your parkour career.

  1. Take it slow.

The key here is to know your limits. Before you can perform those crazy flips and jumps from buildings, you need to have lots and lots of practice. Moreover, you don’t have to do it all too soon. You are going to have to master the basics and let your body adapt to the physical demands of parkour. On the other hand, you don’t have to perform those crazy stunts if it’s beyond your limits. The important thing is that you know how to do the basics and you are having fun.

  1. Look for a parkour group.

There’s no better way to have a great support in the parkour community than looking for a parkour group. You will most likely learn more when you are surrounded by like-minded people. You will also get a lot of insights from those who have been doing it for awhile. Other than having people around to jam with, having a good community will also motivate you to practice and train harder.

  1. Get in shape.

It is one of the most important steps that you need to do if you are serious about your parkour career. The basic building block for practicing parkour is having a good endurance plus calisthenics like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats.

  1. Wear appropriate gear.

The good thing about parkour is that you don’t need much. All you basically need are a good pair of running shoes and a comfortable outfit. There are a lot of running shoes on the market nowadays. If you are confused as which one to get, look up some parkour shoe reviews to find out which ones work best. With regards to comfortable clothing, look for something that has a breathable fabric.

  1. Practice jumping, climbing, and vaulting in less difficult platforms.

Before you move on to difficult obstacles, practice first on climbing, jumping and vaulting on less difficult obstacles. Once you are able to master your moves and have practiced it more frequently, you can proceed to a more difficult obstacle. This is also the best time to learn your movement style and your preferences. Before you can do those crazy flips and jumps from buildings, you need to maintain your basic skills by practicing regularly. Before you can find the techniques you will soon be mastering in, you need to do a lot of self-exploration. Thus, practicing and experimenting your moves is important.

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