A shitty week and a youtube video

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to do more video content as sometimes I find it a bit cumbersome to try to write everything that is on my mind. I made one a couple of weeks ago which was kind of a review of my new planner. Here it is below:

There is something freeing about just talking into a camera, getting it all out. Which is what I did last night after working the evening and getting home and drinking 3 glasses of wine:

It’s been a bit of a shitty week. Here is why:

  • My boiler broke last Thursday and I also had a gas leak which was due to a tear in my cooker hose. Managed to get the hose fixed the next day (for £40) and signed up for a service contract for the boiler and someone came out to try to fix it on Saturday but it needed some parts replacing so it wasn’t until the following Tuesday that it was fixed. So I borrowed some electric heaters from my parents and kept the moving them from room to room in order to keep the kids rooms and the living room warm. Hot water bottle every night kept me warm in bed.
  • The kids have been ill. Joshua has had a cold which woke him up most nights and Alara got a tummy bug Tuesday evening so was off school Wednesday and Thursday. She was sick twice (and didn’t manage to get to the bowl I gave her so I had to clean it all up off the carpet/rug and she had diahorrea as well.
  • Joshua’s behaviour has been a challenge. Maybe it was due to him having a cold but he was particularly grumpy which led to arguments and fights with his sister and just a generally stroppy attitude.
  • I’ve not been sleeping properly – partly due to the kids being ill and partly because my brain starts whirring over everything as soon as I get into bed.

I just generally don’t feel like I have anything to look forward to. Life feels hard and there doesn’t seem to be a silver lining anywhere.

I hope to do more videos which I will publish on my Facebook page and on my YouTube Channel. Keep an eye out and please give them a like so I know people are watching them.

2 Thoughts on “A shitty week and a youtube video

  1. Katie on February 4, 2018 at 23:19 said:

    I found it so hard to watch this, I just want to squeeze your hand so hard and tell you you’re doing great and you’re not alone. I’ve never known anyone as hard on yourself as you are, when really I measure myself against you and feel I’m the one who falls short. You’re fucking fantastic, never think otherwise xx

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