No heating or hot water for 5 days

So my boiler died on Thursday. My dad came over to have a look and I ended signing up for a contract with Southern Electric. While on the phone to them I mentioned that I had been smelling gas in my kitchen, around my cooker and they sent someone out the same day – they actually arrived within 15 minutes of the phonecall which was amazing. It turned out that I had a leak in my cooker hose. So I had to sort that out. A day and £40 later that was fixed. The boiler man was due to come on Saturday to sort out the heating/hot water issue. I waited all bloody day (they were supposed to come between 8am and 6pm). Eventually at 6.10pm they finally turned up and after looking at the boiler, told me that they needed some parts to fix it. So no heating/hot water for another 3 days until Tuesday when they’ll hopefully have the parts and come round to fix it properly.

I have to say, living without hot water and heating has been a bit of a challenge. I borrowed an electric heater from my parents and have been moving it from room to room to keep the place warm. Yesterday, we went round to my parents so that the kids could get clean – and while there I completely forgot to have a shower myself! Doh!!! So I will have to remain stinky until tomorrow. Lots of body spray is in order, I think. We also borrowed another 2 heaters off them – but sadly one of them seems not to be working. So I only have two – although that is still one more than I had before. I could at least get some heat in my bedroom which gets very cold as it is a loft bedroom.

Nothing else really to report. Nothing happening on the dating front. Nothing happening on the mental health front – except I’ve reduced my anxiety meds from 100mg per night down to 50mg and intend to knock that one on the head soon – but thought I’d better wait until I at least have heating and my back stops hurting (done something to it – not sure if the cold has made it worse).

Roll on spring when I can hopefully start reducing my main bipolar meds and hopefully get my puppy.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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