5 Facts that will help you increase your muscle mass

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It’s the beginning of a new year and what better way to welcome it than to resolve to have a better, healthier body? If your goal this year is to build more muscle mass, check out and remember the facts below so that you can achieve your goal easily.

  1.    You need to make it a habit to eat frequently throughout the day –  it would be a good idea to condition your body’s metabolism to always be on the go by eating fix or six times a day. Take note that these should be small meals. When you do not eat frequent, small meals, what the body actually consumes is not fat, but your muscles, which would make your plan to bulk up a waste.
  2.    You cannot neglect sleep – there is no way that your body will be in its optimal condition if it does not get adequate sleep and rest. If your aim is to build muscle mass, sleeping seven to eight hours a day is necessary. That’s because sleep is the time that your body is able to recover from the stress and strenuous activities that it has faced, it’s also the time that it grows. Even if you push your body to the limit in building muscles, if you do not give your body enough time to grow and recover, your efforts might prove to be futile.
  3.    Challenge yourself to add something different to your workout – it is very important that you are able to establish the habit of working out. Consistency and commitment is the key to getting good results. But it’s also important to have variety in what you do and not stick to one routine for a long time. That’s because your body can adjust and adapt to your workout quite quickly. So when you keep doing the same repetitions and the same exercise and weights, you will not be doing your body any good. Add more movements and constantly challenge yourself to be better.
  4.    Carbs are important – your body will not build muscles unless you have taken enough carbohydrates so that you have the energy. You also need to make sure that you eat aplenty in order to bulk up. Eating nutritious food is just as important as when you lift weight for bulking. And while on occasion, you can indulge in pizza or ice cream, it would still be a good idea to stick to carbs that are good for you.
  5.    Protein is also important – one of the nutrients that should never be absent from your diet is protein. Out of all the nutrients, it is the only one that can stimulate your muscles to grow. Most experts would advise that you eat a combination of protein and carbs right after your training as it is the optimal time to take in nutrients. But you can also take some protein powder before you start working out in order to get the maximum results. Read the review to know more about the best protein powder you can use today.

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