Just been voted 3rd in the Top 10 UK #MentalHealth blogs @Vuelio

Wow. What an honour.

Not one I entirely feel I deserve at the moment as lately I’ve been too damn busy to write in this blog. And I apologise for the last few sponsored posts (I shouldn’t really apologise though should I as it’s helping to pay the bills). So, I thought my lovely readers (before they run away thinking I’ve completely sold out), might enjoy an update of what’s been going on lately.


After a few months with only one client, I was getting worried about money and stressing and then, joy of joys, I landed a lovely client who is giving me as much work as I can honestly handle. I’m really enjoying working with him. It’s going really well so far. I feel like this has given me a new-found confidence in myself, in my skills and abilities and I feel needed. Oh and the money is helping no end. I’ve also got a part-time job which I do on weeks when the kids aren’t with me, working evenings and while this knackers me out, it is good knowing that I don’t have to live quite so hand-to-mouth as I was for a couple of months.


I know in one of my most recent posts I sounded pretty desolate – which in all honesty I was. This is what happened. I was in the process of reducing my medication and on the 2nd time I made a change to my meds it hit me really hard. I hadn’t felt that bad in a long while.

And that is why I decided that it would be sensible to put the medication reduction efforts on one side for a while.

I can pick it up maybe in the spring. I did manage to reduce my meds by 50mg so that is an achievement.

Instead, I decided to tackle something that had been getting me down lately:

My Weight

I rejoined weight watchers and it’s going well so far. I’ve lost about 8lbs so far and it’s not all easy – last week I put on half a pound but I’m making a real effort to eat more healthily and try to move more (although that’s not going too well).


I decided to dip my toe back in the dating game. So I rejoined an app called Bumble – I just wasn’t getting anywhere with Tinder. But actually the night before I rejoined, I went out with some friends and met a guy. We’ve had one date since first meeting and are chatting regularly. Due to have second date next Saturday so watch this space.

Getting a dog

Everyone has to have a future plan and mine is to get a dog. I’m saving up now – any spare cash goes to the puppy fund. Once I have saved enough for the cost of the dog (unless I can get a rescue), the vet fees, cost of dog bed, lead etc, I will go find my pup!


The house is still amazing. I love living here. It has made such a difference to my life – and the kids when they are with me.

My parents are continuing to be amazing, helping sort out odd jobs around the house, bringing bits of furniture around and helping sort out the sale of the flat – oh new on that too – we have a buyer! Which is great news as I was starting to worry that it would never sell and I was having to pay council tax and other costs on it. Will be glad to have that all off my hands!

So all in all, life is pretty good right now. Thank you Vuelio for rating me in your article. I appreciate it very much.

And thank you to all my readers for sticking with me.

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  1. Hi, I have been thinking about getting a dog too. I struggle with depression so I don’t know if a puppy would be a great idea though… Will see! I started writing my own blog too, you can see it here: thesadeffect.blogspot.com

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