They’d be better off

Sometimes I think they’d be better off without me. 

All of them. My friends. My family. My kids.

I can’t put into words why I feel that way. And I won’t act on it. I want to but I won’t. 

Because tomorrow will be better. 

It better be anyway. 

I can’t go on like this. 

7 Thoughts on “They’d be better off

  1. Sara Newton on October 6, 2017 at 00:14 said:

    They would definitely not be better off without you. You are their mum and you do a fantastic job. Things will get better x

  2. Come on you can do better than that you’ve done it before……be positive……..

  3. Me and my fiancée are getting married in June and then we’ll be trying to start a family. I have been panicking about how I would juggle it all, being a Mum and working. That’s how I came across your blog and I have been reading it for a while.

    No one can truly understand what it is you’re going through, but people do care. I care. Maybe you don’t realise how much your blog impacts other people, but I can tell you that it does. If you can impact people just through words, then the impact that you must have on your children, family and friends must be immense.

    You seem to be a wonderful Mum and really down to earth. So, don’t change.

    No one would EVER be better off without you. You are enough. You need to keep on telling yourself that. And keep going. x

    • Thank you so much for your comment Paige. Your words have made me feel all emotional. I’m still surprised when people (particularly people I don’t know) comment on my blog. And it’s lovely to know I touch someone out there.

      I am feeling a little better today but just incredibly tired. Luckily I have nothing planned this weekend. I’m going to have a sensible amount of wine and do a lot of sleeping. Maybe then I’ll feel better.

      Good luck with your wedding. I hope you will be very happy. Motherhood(parenthood really) isn’t easy. I never thought I would be a single mum, but whatever way life ends up, you just get on with it. You have to. And there are times when I am so happy – the kids will say something sweet or I’ll have a moment watching them play or something and it makes all the hard times worth it.

      You’ll do fine!

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. xxxxx

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