5 Tips to picking out the best electric shaver

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When it comes to picking out the best electric shaver, you must have a sense of what the person you are buying it for prefers in regards to features and facial hair style. If you are buying the shaver for a gift, it is important to know if the recipient prefers a wet or dry shaver, cordless or corded, and whether or not they prefer a foil, rotary, or trimmer style. In fact, purchasing an electric shaver can be quite personal and therefore it is best if you know the person well if you are going to be gifting this type of item. Regardless of whether you are buying the shaver for a friend or yourself, this helpful article will give you some quick tips to make your buying experience easier.

    1. Read Electric Shaver Reviews. There are many brands, styles, and features when it comes to choosing an electric shaver. There are so many that it can be overwhelming and one can get lost in the vast array of options.
    2. Budget. There are many types of shavers to choose from which is great as it gives you many options in varying price points. It is good to keep in mind that the money you invest in a good shaver will likely last you a long time. If you purchase a cheaper shaver, you could find yourself replacing it after a few months or a year.
    3. Features. There are many great shavers with features that can make shaving less cumbersome. For example, the multiple flex heads that are available on some models make shaving around the angles of your face a breeze. Some shavers also offer self sharpening blades which means that you don’t have to buy replacement blades as often.
    4. Wet vs. Dry. When purchasing a shaver it is best to consider whether you want to be able to use your shaver in the shower or if you will do your shaving over the sink. Many prefer the wet shaver as it can be used in the shower and can be more convenient.
    5. Replacement blades. This may seem trivial when purchasing a shaver but it does make a difference in the overall cost of the device over a long period of time. If you purchase a shaver that is inexpensive but the replacement blades are exorbitantly expensive, you may not save money in the long run after all. However, if you find an expensive shaver but the replacement blades last a long time and are cost effective, you may want to make an investment up front in buying the shaver.

There are many things to think about when purchasing an electric shaver. Regardless of what features you are looking for, it is always best to do your research by reading reviews on a variety of products before making a purchase. Being knowledgeable about the product you intend to buy will prove worthwhile as you will be able to buy what you need and want in a shaver at a good price.

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