Intriguing reasons to visit Liverpool while on your UK trip

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There are many who have got the reaction of people scrunching their nose and asking why on earth they chose that destination when they said about their plans of visiting Liverpool, England. People get stumped and worried with such reactions before going to a place. But this is Liverpool, the home of the Beatles with half a dozen of UNESCO sights to enjoy! Could it be that bad? Being a fair and regular traveler, you should respect people’s opinions and be strong with your decision of visiting this awesome place as it has got loads to offer. You don’t have any idea of what you should expect from Liverpool unless you visit the place. So, here are few of the most intriguing reasons to visit Liverpool.

You’d love to visit the home of the Beatles

This is undoubtedly the most obvious reason to visit Liverpool but there is certainly lot more to this place than just being the birthplace of the Beatles. The Beatles would find it ridiculous to see their birthplace being mentioned with such pomp and valour but nevertheless, if you’re a fan of the Beatles, you will certainly love to the follow the footsteps of the famous Four. It all began at the Cavern Club situated in Mathew Street and if you want to check that out, go give it a try.

You get to collect numerous UNESCO sights

Currently, there are more than 1000 places, both natural and man-made which have been listed on the world’s heritage list of UNESCO and the number keeps growing every year. In order to be on the list, the place has to be of immense physical and cultural significance. This clearly means that you have to thank UNESCO for actually creating your bucket list. In Liverpool, there are 6 UNESCO sights which are worth visiting.

You’ll love it if you are a people’s person

If you’re someone who just loves to strike up a conversation with strangers, you would love to visit Liverpool as the people there are the friendliest of all of them in England. There are even introverts who have reported that they have never been able to visit Liverpool and move away without starting a conversation with at least one person. It is extremely comfortable and fun to get such friends in a foreign land.

Liverpool is a paradise for foodies

When it comes to food, the people of Liverpool are just spoilt for choice as there are plethora of cuisines and places to eat. If you consider one of the UK’s most popular restaurants, Panoramic 34, they have some fine dining facilities to boast. For people on a budget, there are options like Cuban inspired Alma De Cuba in a beautiful environment.

Now that you’re a traveler, you must be thinking of the transportation facilities available in Liverpool. Well, you can go for a coach hire as there are several coach hire Liverpool services everywhere. Hire them and travel conveniently from one place to another.

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