iHealth Wave Watch Review

I was recently (OK, not that recently – as you can tell I’m a bit rubbish at getting review posts out on time!!!) sent this very snazzy-looking sports watch to review by iHealth.

I tried this product out for a period of about a week and really enjoyed using it. It’s really easy to set up the watch to link into the app. The only thing I found a bit confusing is that the paperwork doesn’t say anywhere how you turn the screen on. I tried tapping on the screen but that only worked occasionally and I eventually discovered that you just need to lift your wrist, or flick your wrist and this activates the display.

Other than that I found it easy to use and a great watch. It tracks activity, including swimming, and also sleep. It has a really nice feel – just like a normal watch really, unlike some Health watches which are more like bracelets (which might be a benefit for some people).

The only downside I found, which is very specific to me, is that I’m on Weight Watchers (or I should be) and in order to link the activity tracked on the watch, to the Weight Watchers app, I had to connect the iHealth watch to the iPhone’s Health app which could then be brought into Weight Watchers. And it didn’t seem to work perfectly, so I’ve gone back to my Fitbit, I’m afraid.

Otherwise, I’d definitely recommend it.

You can find information about this and other products here.


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