House stuff, stress and generally being hard on myself

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I feel overwhelmed by everything at the moment.

I joined Weight Watchers about a month ago and I managed to follow it for 2 weeks before I gave up and haven’t been since or made any effort to follow the plan. I find it hard to follow when I’ve got the kids and I have so many other things on my mind I’m just finding everything a struggle.

Work is good and busy, but I’m feeling like I’m not progressing with things I should be progressing on – self-improvement, processes, that kind of thing.

The house thing is moving along. We’re not quite at exchange yet but it will be days rather than weeks. But I recently found out that the sellers are on holiday for a week, so it is unlikely we will complete until after the 27th and so that is worrying me as if it is too late, my parents will be in Spain and will be unable to help me move, so I either try to get as many people to help me move or I wait until after they get back – but that’s not until September and I don’t want to wait that long – not if the house is ready and waiting!

I’ve waited so long for this. It’s getting harder and harder to live the way I’m living. We just feel so squashed. The kids still play up when sharing a bedroom, I’m still having to stand to have breakfast because there isn’t enough room in the kitchen for all 3 of us to sit down. The sun is shining outside and I don’t have anywhere of my own to enjoy it. All these things which I was just putting up with… now I have an end in sight and I should be happy (I am) but it is making me more impatient to get it done.

I feel like until the move has happened, everything else is on hold. I need to find more clients, I need to do some training on social media so I know how to help my clients more, I need to figure out what I can claim for….

I’m feeling very frustrated with all the waiting. I want to come off my medication or at least reduce it as I’m fed up of being a zombie in the mornings and of sleeping the day away whenever I get a chance. I’m hoping reducing the meds will help with that. But there is no point starting that (potentially stressful process) until the move is over with. I want to get on and organise things.

Every day I hope that today will be the day we hear that we are ready to exchange. Soon. It will happen soon.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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