Fantastic holiday so far & turning 40

I’m lying in bed in our hotel in Rhodes. 

I decided to have a siesta as the 2 cocktails I had earlier had gone right to my head. 

We had a fab night last night. There was karaoke on in the hotel and, what with it being a hotel with holiday-makers, and not a crowded pub where some people had gone there purely for the karaoke, I got to sing a lot more than usual. I did Black Velvet, Take it all (Adele) and a few others. I got so many cheers – not just from my friends. I really enjoyed myself. Plus at midnight we all celebrated mine and Eva’s birthdays (my 40th). 

This has been a fantastic holiday so far. We are all getting on so well. There is no friction or discord. We all do stuff together or sometimes do our own thing. It’s so easy-going.

So far we have pretty much chilled, sunbathed, had a few drinks and eaten at the restaurant. On Thursday (when the weather is due to be not so good) we are going for a wander around Rhodes town. I’m going to do a bit of shopping (I’ve hardly spent a thing since we got here as it’s all-inclusive), I’m going to try to get the kids a present each and maybe treat myself to something. 

Tonight, as it’s my and Eva’s birthdays, we are going to the A La Carte restaurant. There is a champagne bar which we have been making good use of, but tonight we will definitely be there again. They also do these BEAUTIFUL chocolates which they gave us one time we went there. We will definitely be asking for them tonight. 

I’m so enjoying myself. Why has it taken me until my 40’s to go on a girlie holiday? This is definitely something that will be repeated. And hopefully with the same people. I can safely say I have some great friends here. Two already were great friends but I feel I’ve now gained another. 

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  1. Roy on May 16, 2017 at 15:01 said:

    Hello have you been to the old town yet…..

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