Why I’m loving being a Health Care Assistant

Wow. It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks.

I did my training last week: Monday to Thursday. Then I did a 4 hour shadow shift (I didn’t get paid for that) at a home for learning disabilities, and then I did two night shifts, 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday nights at the same place. Then I slept ALL of Monday (until about 5.30pm) and woke up to a text that said could I do Monday night too – to which I said that I couldn’t. I was just too tired. So I had Monday off and then on Tuesday, while I was having a coffee with my parents at the Bear Cafe (the Pack House in Farnham), the agency rang me and asked me to do another shift that afternoon 2 until 8pm. I couldn’t get there for 2 so they agreed 2.30pm would be okay so after lunch (which my lovely parents paid for) I went home to change into my uniform and headed over to a home just outside Alton. It’s a bit further than I would like to go normally (half an hour by car) but its a lovely place and the residents (it’s an old people’s home – don’t know if that is the politically correct term for it) are lovely – as are the staff.

I’m now home and ready to start studying – although I’ve been procrastinating by dealing with emails and sending off my timesheet and writing this post. I’ll start at 4pm at the latest!!!

I wasn’t 100% sure at first after the first couple of shifts (night shifts) – the shifts are so long compared to office work – 12 hours for a normal shift. It takes a bit of getting used to – as do night shifts – but I’m getting a bit more confident with things now and I’ve done some personal care things on my own which I was nervous about, but it was fine. I think I prefer looking after old people rather than people with learning disabilities. I love chatting to them about themselves and learning about them. I enjoy caring for them and helping them to do things.

I also love the flexibility that I have working for an agency. I might be working one day and then only half a day the next. I will probably end up working a lot of hours on the weeks I don’t have the kids and then either half shifts or not at all on the weeks I do have them.

I almost can’t believe I’m doing this after working in offices for 20 years. It’s so different, so much harder, but so much more rewarding!

I’d best get on and study now!!!

Feel free to comment if you have something to say – if you’re a carer too, tell me about the things you enjoy most and what you find most challenging. I’d love to hear from you.

2 Thoughts on “Why I’m loving being a Health Care Assistant

  1. I’m not a carer, and I don’t “work” as such, but once a week I work as a volunteer on reception at the MS Therapy Centre in Warminster, where we provide various therapies for people with MS. It’s such a positive place, staffed and run by such wonderful people, I feel I have gained far more than I have given by just simply being there and spreading hope and joy to our our wonderful “customers”.

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