A new year – feeling hopeful

I’m lying in bed (in my pajamas this time) thinking about the New Year. 

It is scary the path I’m embarking on but what I feel more than anything is hopeful. This year feels full of promise. Not because it is a new year but because of the decisions I’ve made about my life. The little annoying blip of meeting someone and it not working out actually feels like a good thing. I can focus on my writing now without distraction. 

I am into week 3 of my course and I’m really enjoying it. I am working on an article for my 2nd assignment and I already have enough words – whether those words are good enough I don’t know yet. I hope so. I still have some editing to do. I’ve also been doing plenty of research: research for the article I’m writing and also more general reading – magazines, newspapers, the news online, books. 

I get the kids back tomorrow and I know that I will need to be more strict with my time – working all the time they are in school and once they are home in the afternoons, doing some in the evenings too.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to buy a printer – tax deductible – with my dad (he needs one too) and on Wednesday I have an appointment with the Job Centre Plus about benefits. Once I’ve had some advice from them I will probably register myself as self-employed as I’m expecting to get some paid blog post opportunities. 

It’s all good and exciting and I’m surrounded by wonderfully supportive friends and family. 

I hope you are feeling as positive about the new year as I am!

5 Thoughts on “A new year – feeling hopeful

  1. Roy Denney on January 3, 2017 at 00:35 said:

    Spoilsport lol……check out price of ink cartridges before you buy…

  2. So so lovely to see you feeling hopeful and positive. I hope it continues to go well Abi 🙂

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