A week off with the kids & update on flea infestation

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Today is day 3 of my week off with the kids. I had some holiday left for this year and figured it would be nice to spend a week chilling and doing fun stuff with the kids.

It’s been really good so far.

On Monday I took them ice skating, which was a challenge, them being new to it and there only being one adult (me) to look after them. Yesterday we had a chilled out day at home. We made shapes with plasticine and generally slobbed around. Today I’m taking them to the cinema to see The BFG which I’m really excited about – they are too but I’m probably MORE excited as I read that book as a child and loved it!!!

That is pretty much the limit of the things that cost money that I’m going to be able to do with them. It was a good job I booked the ice skating and the cinema in advance because on Monday when I went to go take some cash out, the cashpoint told me I had zero funds to withdraw. I quickly realised that this was because the Turkish lira I had ordered had been taken out twice. It took a bit of phoning around to sort it out but now I have a larger overdraft (just a precaution I have no intention of using it) and a credit card for holiday – just in case of emergencies.

Last weekend was a bit of a hectic one. Last week my flat got infested with fleas from the cat. It was not nice at all and I tried in vain to deal with it. In the end I needed to postpone the kids coming to me until late Saturday and enlist a friend to help me completely gut the place and fumigate it. It ended up costing me a small fortune (thankfully my dad helped me pay for some of it) and taking an entire saturday from 10am until 6pm. My friend Mike was absolutely amazing and I’m very grateful. Another challenge was dealing with the enormous pile of washing that needed to be done. Everything needed to be washed – clean washing that had been sitting around in the flat while there were fleas everywhere, dirty washing – ditto, towels, bedding, dressing gowns, anything that had not been tucked away basically. Which is this lot:

The initial plan was to take it all to the laundrette down the road and get them to deal with it all for me. However, when I went down on Saturday to drop it all off, they told me to do it all would cost me around £80. That simply wasn’t an option so I decided I would have to take the kids down on Monday and they could help me do it myself. However, on Monday morning I went to the cashpoint to take the money out I would need and as mentioned above, I could not withdraw any funds. So I had to go back to the laundrette to pick up the 3 bags of washing that I had left there on Saturday ready for me to come back and deal with it Monday and explain to the lady there my issue with the bank and take it all home to deal with myself. Thankfully, Mike came to my rescue again and took home a large proportion of the washing to do for me. Honestly, what would I do without my friends???

So after all our efforts on Saturday (each room was taken apart, furniture moved, sprayed behind, underneath and all carpets done), we seem to be free of fleas. I have found the odd one but they are very dopey and stupid and some seem like they are dying anyway. This is probably because the cat is now treated with Advocate (recommended by the vet and by my sister in law) and I think when they try to feed off him they then die. I’m so relieved it is sorted and I’m nearly up to date with the washing.

I really needed this week off to recuperate and get back to my normal self. Things had been getting bad. The flea situation didn’t help but I had found myself to be getting more and more stressed and more and more exhausted as each day went by. This week, so far at least, has given me a chance to relax, catch up on things, get a bit of a lie in each day (while the kids have tablet time) and spend some quality time with the kids.

I’m hoping next week I will go back to work revitalised and ready to kick arse, show them what I’m made of. I won’t go into too much detail but my mental health lately has started to affect my work and it needs to improve. But hopefully this week will allow me to go back and be better. I really like my job and don’t want to sabotage myself. Besides I have two weeks back at work and then I’m off to Turkey for two weeks! Yay!

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  1. Hello when you are in Turkey if your walking past a shop or café and they try to shake hands with you the next thing you will be in their place…..lol …and yes been there..

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