Feeling pretty disheartened after #Britmumslive #bml16

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I’m back from BritMums live. I remember in previous years I would have a post-BritMums Live downer. But that was because I’d had a fabulous time, had come back with some pretty cool goodies and come away full of ideas and inspiration. Not so much this year. I did enjoy the pre- and post-BritMums socialising but the actual conference…. I don’t know.

Probably easier if I put it in bullet points:

  • I wasn’t that interested in the sessions – I only went to two: one on writing and another on blogging with conscience – both of which I enjoyed a lot. I wasn’t interested in the rest of it because I feel like I know all I need to (not all there is – I’m by no means an expert on everything blogging) but in the last year my blog has become more my place where I bare my soul than a business tool that I’m trying to push to the limits so I’m not interested in SEO, I feel I know enough about social media – as much as I can be bothered to know anyway.
  • There wasn’t enough alcohol there – what was with the spritzer wine that was served at the BiBs anyway?
  • The food was, as in previous years fairly rubbish too. Too healthy. Maybe it’s because every year I have a hangover from the previous night so I’m craving stodge. God, even sandwiches would have been good. Or sausage rolls??!
  • The goodie bags and stuff that Brands were handing out were pretty crap. Tonnes of stuff for people with babies (which I have earmarked for a friend who just had ababy). Some stuff for the kids but nothing really for me. How about some handcraft or wine????
  • I wasn’t feeling as sociable as previous years and I found myself going outside to smoke my vape just to get away from the throngs of people in the brands area.
  • The awards. Where do I start. I have really negative thoughts about the bibs. And I am worried I come across as a bitch but what the hell. I felt like the bibs always seem to celebrate (some of the) same Bloggers time and time again and it certainly does seem to have become a popularity contest. Of course I would love to win an award for my writing but not because I hassled all of my friends into voting for me (and I’m not saying that’s how they ALL won but I do wonder if that is an aspect of it?). I’d like to win something purely on my writing and my ability to connect with my readers. Yes, I’m jealous and I found myself not wanting to be there watching the winners accepting their awards and being cheered on. Jealousy, an ugly emotion and I did feel ugly. In that respect the conference brought out the worst of me and I didn’t like it.

So have I had enough of Britmums? I have had good times at BritMums. I won’t say never, but I think I may skip it next year. Maybe do something else. Something more about the socialising. Or try to find a writing workshop, as I’ve always wanted to write…. poetry, songs, maybe even a book.

Here are some pictures:

 I haven’t been able to upload all the pictures I wanted to upload because my WordPress app is still being a dick so check my Instagram feed for more

One Thought on “Feeling pretty disheartened after #Britmumslive #bml16

  1. You aren’t alone. All I can say is it wasn’t the same. Brands not as applicable, goodie bag ok. Talks ok but not inspirational. Maybe I’ve done it too much. I enjoyed it but compared to previous years it wasn’t the same. Also feel that there are massive pro bloggers that are always going to win at the Bibs….

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