Not ashamed. This is who I am

I have in the past tried to hide my blog. I’ve tried not to mention it to people I worked with and wondered if the teachers at school had read it and judged me – or, more likely, the other parents.

However, I’m not ashamed now. I have linked my blog to my personal Facebook – added it as my job. I am proud of my blog, of my following (over 4000 on Twitter), of what I’ve built up over the past 3 and a half years (will be 4 years in November).

I’m not ashamed to be writing about my life and my feelings. If anything I’m proud. I’ve done well to get this far. And my blog is part of that. It has given me a place to be myself and express my sadness, happiness, my achievements….

So from now on, no hiding, I will wear it like a badge!

One Thought on “Not ashamed. This is who I am

  1. Roy on June 15, 2016 at 21:42 said:

    Go for it girl…….

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