Got the blues

I can’t seem to shake the sadness I’m feeling right now. 

Maybe it’s the divorce, maybe it’s that I’ve quit smoking and that kind of feels like the end of an era – the end of the thing that would get me through tough or stressful times. Maybe it’s that I’m lonely. All around me other people have someone. I can’t help wanting that. Someone to love, someone to love me. 

I had a nice weekend with the kids. We did swimming on Saturday, shopping and dropping a late present round to my niece on Sunday, a quick visit to my parents on Monday and a lovely lunch round a good friends house. It was great. 

I’m enjoying my job. It’s still going well. I’ve been there 4 weeks now. 

But I can’t shake this sad feeling. Is it depression? I don’t know. It feels like I’ve lost something. It feels like a cloud is above my head. It feels like a kind of grief. 

I really hope I can come out of it soon. 

2 Thoughts on “Got the blues

  1. Eva on May 3, 2016 at 12:43 said:

    Hi Abi. I do know how you feel as I am still there as well. When someone Important in your life leaves you it is just like a death. You have to take time to grieve for the loss. Unfortunately this process takes time and there is no magic pill to take away the pain or to speed up the time taken. You have a good circle of friends to support you through this time but only you can work through it. I am told it gets better. Hang on in there Abi. Forgot to say well done on the no smoking. Very proud of you. Best wishes. Eva c

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